Low-Down Definition

Low-Down Definition

Of all the low-down things any man ever done in all his life, that’s what you done now. It’s a fine trade you’re trying to make; to trade us for a low-down coward like this. MORE RELATED WORDS FOR LOW-DOWN

Down-low may refer to any activity or relationship kept discreet. Specifically, it may refer to: Keeping an act, action or some other piece of information a secret.

down low: to keep quiet. Secretive. Also known as the DL . Keep this on the down low . He’s hitting it on the DL.

It’s not a "one-off" conversation Yes, talking about sex and porn can be awkward. Yes, sitting with your family while a sex.

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low-down meaning: used to describe a person or action that is very dishonest and unfair: . Learn more.

but the 718 is stronger low down in the rev range, where you’re actually driving most of the time. jennings professes respect for the 718, but allows that his definition of a Porsche begins and ends.

low – down (comparative more low-down, superlative most low-down) (idiomatic, slang, US) Of no value. 1922, A. M. Chisholm, A Thousand a Plate Seemingly here was an intruder who was violating custom.

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low-down – Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions.

Down-low (also "on the down low" or "on the DL") may refer to any activity or relationship kept discreet.Specifically, it may refer to: Keeping an act, action or some other piece of information a secret. Down-low (sexual slang): Men who identify as heterosexual, but have sex with men secretly. For more general meaning, see down low on Wiktionary.

These are words we felt like we hear thrown around a lot, so it was interesting to get the lowdown. It never occurred to us.

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Define low-down. low-down synonyms, low-down pronunciation, low-down translation, English dictionary definition of low-down. or lowdown adj. 1. Despicable.

Here’s the lowdown on the top eyebrow trends straight from the Spring. and the tip of the waterproof wax pencil to define the shape. Burberry: Clean, Natural Definition Think clean lines and.

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